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An angsty Katrina relief volunteer befriends a hallucinating alcoholic and plays a joke on a religious volunteer in a dark comedy about the power of intention.



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The Project.

Pink Elephant is a completely independent feature length lo-fi southern gothic mystery/thriller shot in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Plus a scene in the French Quarter. The project served as the first feature for the entire cast as well as for the writer/director and producer. 

The Plot.

Julie is having an existential crisis. She is currently a volunteer rebuilding houses in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Volunteering is failing to be the fulfilling & purposeful experience she hoped it would be due to the complicated nature of the system. She befriends a new volunteer, Lance, an alcoholic who seems to have vivid hallucinations when intoxicated. Julie & Lance, as a practical joke on a religious volunteer, pretend to heal a few ailing peers. Their spiritual farce creepily produces actual results, conjuring a creature from the spiritual world that is seemingly connected to the drunken “hallucinations” Lance has been having.

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Chelsea Alderman

Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematography, & Sound

is a former child director of home movies who took herself way too seriously. Today she is a quad skater and wanderer working on shooting many more movies all over the planet. She and her wife, Micah, self-financed their first feature, Pink Elephant, by working at a dine-in movie theater in New Orleans.

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Micah Downey

Producer of Pink Elephant. After a decade in he Kansas City art scene, Barbecue world, and roller derbyverse, Micah embarked on a new adventure to New Orleans. She set out with adventure buddy and fellow urban explorer director Chelsea Alderman to New Orleans for the first time since Katrina. Seeing how bad it still was and wanting to help the city she so loved, Micah became a long term Katrina relief volunteer along with Ms. Alderman. The lower ninth ward bacame their new home and with the Mississippi river in their backyard, the obvious place to shoot a beautiful movie. Pink Elephant is Micah Downey's first film work.


Behind the scenes


Episode 1: Deciding to make a feature