Teaser Trailer



The Project.

Pink Elephant is a completely independent feature length lo-fi southern gothic mystery/thriller shot in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Plus a scene in the French Quarter. The project served as the first feature for the entire cast as well as for the writer/director and producer. 

The Plot.

Julie is having an existential crisis. She is currently a volunteer rebuilding houses in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Volunteering is failing to be the fulfilling & purposeful experience she hoped it would be due to the complicated nature of the system. She befriends a new volunteer, Lance, an alcoholic who seems to have vivid hallucinations when intoxicated. Julie & Lance, as a practical joke on a religious volunteer, pretend to heal a few ailing peers. Their spiritual farce creepily produces actual results, conjuring a creature from the spiritual world that is seemingly connected to the drunken “hallucinations” Lance has been having.